Judah has a cold…

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…so we took him to the doctor today. Then we were sent to St. Joseph’s hospital to get him checked out by the pediatric ward, just because he’s such a little guy. There was nothing m... Read More

lactation apointment #1

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We had a great day today. Auntie Rachel drove mommy and Judah to Trillium for an appointment with a lactation consultant, and Judah did very well! He is getting better at staying awake while feeding! ... Read More

growing baby

according to my personal pregnancy calendar at baby center, baby ennema now weighs around 5 pounds and is over 18 inches long! wow, what an incredible thought! my uterus is 15 times its normal size &#... Read More


please pray for baby ennema’s grandma, karen’s mom. she broke her wrist today after slipping outside. pray for a speedy recovery and relief from the pain.... Read More


i had a midwife appointment yesterday, and now they’re pretty sure the baby is breech … no good. i have an ultrasound scheduled for february 21st to check for sure, but hopefully the baby ... Read More

40 days to go …

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40 days to go … (IF i go full term…) things are looking better and better around here! it’s nice to have some order again! my mom and dad came over this afternoon and helped me organ... Read More

we have a house!

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well, we’re moved into our house now! things are a bit chaotic in some areas of the house, but a lot of it is coming together quite nicely. the kitchen and living room are liveable now, and our ... Read More

it’s moving day!

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i can’t believe we’re moving today! i’m so excited! i’m currently waiting at my parents’ house for rob and the guys to call and say they’re on their way with the tr... Read More

see me grow!

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baby ennema’s first pictures… 8 weeks 5 days in this picture, the baby is about an inch long! 18 weeks 5 days see the little hand waving at us?... Read More


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it is my (karen’s) second day staying home from work with a BRUTAL cold – chest, head, everything…no fun! the only thing i’m allowed to take is tylenol, which doesn’t hel... Read More