a busy week

this week has been so busy. most weeks are busy around here, but this week was a real killer: Monday was Rob’s birthday, and we had carpet installed in the basement. The carpet looked great, but... Read More


i still don’t really understand it, but on monday night, mommy and daddy dressed me up in this funny outfit with BIG HAIR and a tail! they told me that i was a lion, which i didn’t quite u... Read More

he did it!

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Judah crawled today! it was like he suddenly realized how to put it all together, and he started crawling across the floor to get the toy i was holding! he is actually pretty fast already! i can’... Read More

36 weeks

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Judah is 36 weeks today! That is so amazing to me, because since he was born at 36 weeks gestation, he has now been in our arms longer than i was pregnant with him! Time just flies!... Read More

family fun at the farm

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this afternoon, the three of us went to Lindley’s Farm to pick out a pumpkin, buy a yummy apple pie, and spend some quality family time. it was a nice change from sitting around or (more realist... Read More

is soymilk good for you?

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soymilk is a very good food in moderation (as with all soy foods). it is delicious and full of complete protein. as i said in my previous post, i also love to drink rice milk, another great alternativ... Read More

ask me any question…

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i don’t want this blog to turn into a huge vegetarian debate, BUT i would love to clear up any misconceptions you may have about my diet or answer any questions about where i get [fill in nutrie... Read More

the health issue

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many of you are concerned about my health now that i am not eating any animal products. if so, please visit this link on health reasons to become a vegetarian. if you haven’t done so already, pl... Read More

sleep? what’s that?

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things have been a little rough around the ennema household for the past few days. judah has been waking up on the hour at night, and hardly napping at all during the day. the poor kid is obviously no... Read More

one more sleep…

until i see U2! mom and dad breimer are babysitting tomorrow night so that rob and i can go to the U2 concert at the air canada centre. we are going with tricia and luca and julie and ed. now, whether... Read More

my baby is growing up!

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as i, karen, am writing this post, i am amazed at the fact that judah will be 6 months tomorrow. it seems like just yesterday that we brought home our GREAT BIG BLESSING in a TINY LITTLE PACKAGE. he h... Read More

an update

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i have been keeping mommy busy these days, learning how to lots of things and wanting to get into everything! some recent accomplishments: [!] i am rolling all over the place now. it is so much fun! [... Read More


i’m sorry that i haven’t written in a while, but i’ve been away…mommy took me camping! it was SO much fun! i got to see lots of her cousins and aunts and uncles, and everyone o... Read More

oh, ottawa!

so, mommy and daddy took me for a l-o-o-o-n-g car ride yesterday. i cried for the first hour, then they fed me and changed my diaper in a mcdonald’s parking lot, and i passed out in my car seat ... Read More

daddy and me

i had such a fun time at swimming lessons tonight! usually mommy brings me into the pool, and i have so much fun with her, but today daddy did. it was fun to play with him in there for a change. i kic... Read More

growth spurt

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judah has evidently been on an impressive growth spurt over the last month. when i weighed him at the end of june, he weighed 13 lbs. he was just shy of 15 lbs last week, which that means he gained 2 ... Read More