mmmm, pizza!

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Judah absolutely LOVES pizza. We get it without the cheese and with lots of vegetables (green peppers, tomatoes, and sundried tomatoes) and extra sauce. It is delicious!... Read More

pics of the week: 55 weeks

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what, no pictures this week? it seems i have failed at the task of ever-obsessive, constant picture-taking, doting mommy. i missed a week (the second week ever…week seven was the pinnacle of Jud... Read More

please sign this petition

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there is a hearing coming up in the U.S. to decide whether or not the ban on partial-birth abortion (a procedure which is as disgusting and terrible as it sounds) is constitutional. please, sign the p... Read More

one year old

As of right now (11:50 pm), Judah Nathaniel is offically one year old.Oh my goodness! Can someone please tell me where the time has gone?! as he sleeps beside my right now, i just can’t imagine ... Read More


Mommy and Daddy took me to Ottawa again this past weekend. It was fun to see mommy’s Aunt and Uncle again. We always have a good time and feel so welcome there. While in Ottawa, we went to enjoy... Read More


well, maybe he’s not full-blown walking yet, but Judah took his first step today – two steps, actually! Rob, my Uncle Albert, and I all witnessed this momentous occasion!... Read More


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so, i know i haven’t been the most dedicated blogger lately. i’m sorry, faithful readers! please don’t stop coming here! i’m not able to post as much because things are incredi... Read More


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Judah ate pasta for the first time today! His blood tests for wheat and soy allergies BOTH came back negative, praise the Lord! He gobbled the pasta right up!... Read More

meet BaBa

he’s my new teddy bear! mommy and daddy bought him for me today at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. I think they did it because they felt so bad about me having to get blood taken to test for some all... Read More

our new toy

last week, we finally did it! we bought our very own digital camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ2. and the borrowed Olympus finally found its way back home (thanks for letting us borrow it for the past n... Read More