rough life

We arrived at the park this morning, and, as usual, Judah asked to eat his snack right away. As usual, I told him to go play on the playground for a little while before snacktime. “But Mommy, I ... Read More

I love my Judah

Yesterday was a rough day with Judah; probably one of the most challenging days I have ever had with him.  From the moment he woke up, he was acting defiant and arguing with me about anything and eve... Read More

Words of the Week

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I was planning on posting today about the words that Asher has been saying this week, and noticed that Jen also wrote a post about Alora’s words at 14 months.  I just love this age, when toddle... Read More


We heard an amazing message at church yesterday, all about the Supremacy of Christ.  I think that this is just awesome, so I had to share.  Please take note of the words I have italicized in the f... Read More

new photos

I have added new photos to the May 2008 album.  I’m getting there for years 2005 through 2007!  Hopefully it won’t take me too much longer to finish up! How are the photo pages working f... Read More


Who else is hooked on this show? What did you think of tonight’s finale? If you are planning on watching but haven’t seen it yet, don’t read on! =)... Read More

an update!

It has been far too long since I’ve blogged. Try as I might, I could not come up with an original title for this post! First of all, welcome to our new site!  I have been fiddling with it for t... Read More

Dear Asher

You really don’t need to puke every time I put you in a new outfit or place you on a clean rug. Seriously. What’s with the puking lately? I thought you’d outgrown your reflux. Perhap... Read More


DSC_2885.JPG, originally uploaded by ennema family. DSC_2886.JPG, originally uploaded by ennema family. this scares me a lot. i freak out when Rob does this. but Asher loves it, and Judah seemed to tu... Read More

my big boys

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i love this photo of the boys. it was a totally candid shot that turned out really cute! they are getting so big! we visited the family doctor last week, and I had both of them weighed. Judah weighed ... Read More


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who are those cute children? is Karen actually blogging again? well, i may not be blogging much – it’s nearly midnight! – but at least i’m blogging. (blogging with pictures ... Read More


Does anyone know what happened to the summer? I’m having a hard time believing that fall is just around the corner… In case you were worried: we’re alive! We went to the Carolinas at... Read More


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I promised you some pictures, so here you go! =) We had a wonderful, friend-filled Canada Day weekend this year. We spent the Saturday at my parents’ house (they were gone) with friends Amy and ... Read More

Christian Paul

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Congratulations to Colin and Amy de Raaf on the birth of their gorgeous little boy, Christian Paul. He was born in the wee hours of Sunday morning, August 19, 2007, and weighed in at 8 lbs 6 oz. He is... Read More

what happened to July?

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I can’t believe it’s already August!! I apologize (once again!) for the recent post shortage. I know I always talk about how busy we are, but it’s the truth…and July was an exc... Read More

Rebecca and Ethan

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Our friend Rebecca came over with her son, Ethan, on Thursday. We went for a walk with the kids and then came back to my place to eat lunch. It was nice to visit with her again and to meet little Etha... Read More

my new addiction….

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…digital scrapbooking with Photoshop Elements 5.0 (a new toy that Rob let me buy after several months of me asking him every time we saw it at Costco!) What do you think? Making these layouts is... Read More


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Asher decided that he hates his carseat. He screams not only when we put him in it (which used to be the case), but when we are driving. Even if it’s a 20 minute drive, Asher will scream the ENT... Read More

it’s happening again…

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This little one is growing up just as fast as Judah did. Perhaps even faster… Tomorrow (in just over an hour, in fact; he was born at 12:59 am…), Asher will be 6 months old. 6 months!! I c... Read More

update on our family

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Wow, it’s been some time since our last update! There’s nothing too thrilling going on around here…we’ve just been enjoying the warmer weather and feeling blessed to spend some... Read More

he rolls!

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This morning, I put Asher on the floor for some tummy time while I was getting ready. As I came to check on him, I noticed that he was trying to roll over. Two seconds later, he did it, and then smile... Read More

lessons in sharing

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I know I’ve posted about Judah’s great big-brother skills, and I think these pictures demonstrate it nicely. In the first set, Judah was “sharing” his Baby Einstein cards with ... Read More

a whole lot of pictures!

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i realized that i’ve hardly posted any pictures in the past month; uploading always takes so long, and there are so many cute pictures that it takes me forever to decide which ones to post! anyw... Read More

another busy week

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I’ve been meaning to update all week, but once again the time flew by! I just wanted to share some pictures of Asher’s baptism, which took place this past Sunday, the 15th of April. After ... Read More

almost 4 months old…

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…and almost 10 lbs! Asher had his 4-month appointment at the family doctor today. He now weighs 9 lbs 10 oz; he has nearly tripled his birth weight in four months! As per our visit with his pedi... Read More

this blog is NOT dead!

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…we’ve just been very busy. and I wrote a very nice update post last week, but when I tried to save it, my internet connection wasn’t working so I lost the entire thing! Needless to ... Read More

this little piggy…

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Asher had a check-up at the family doctor yesterday. The last time he was weighed was Thursday, February 22, when he would have been 40 weeks (his due date was somewhere between the 21st and 23rd), an... Read More

In Memorian

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HENDRIK WILLEM CHRISTIAAN HELLEMANBorn: The Hague, Netherlands, February 24, 1920Died: Ottawa, ON, Canada, February 25, 2007 On Sunday, February 25, 2007, the Lord called home His faithful servant, hu... Read More

look who’s two!!

i can hardly believe it…my first baby turned two years old today!! where does the time go? my mom and i took Judah to a Burger King with a play centre. We thought that it had a ball pit, but it ... Read More

good news!

Asher had to go in to have his hearing tested again today. They tested him at the hospital, as they do with all newborns in Ontario, where he received a passing grade for his left ear but not for his ... Read More