on some boys and developmental milestones

Just wanted to share this post and the author’s thoughts about how boys sometimes don’t meet developmental milestones in the way we think they “should.”  I found this several months ago, and because of Asher’s sudden burst in language (more on that below!), I have been thinking about it lately and decided to dig up the post.  I don’t have a daughter to compare with my boys, but I believe that a lot of the author’s thoughts are valid.  I especially appreciate her reminder that we must not pathologize our boys because they haven’t met milestone x or y.  I will admit that I have come across articles or lists with “red flags” and found myself having fleeting moments of concern.  Then I remind myself that every child is different will learn at his own pace.

I’m not sure whether speech therapy is absolutely amazing stuff or if things suddenly started to “click” for Asher, but in the last three weeks, we have seen (well, heard) amazing changes in his ability to communicate.  He has started to put together two, sometimes even three, words on a regular basis.  Before now, he did not combine at all (except for common speech terms such as “thank you”), so this is amazing progress.  I have also noticed that he is trying to communicate with speech throughout the day a lot more than he used to.  He still has meltdowns because sometimes I just can’t understand him, but things are definitely improving.  I think that this fast-paced progress will continue over the next little while, as Asher suddenly seems so eager to master his language.  Very exciting!

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  1. as a mother of 3 boys and 1 girl, this seems very true to me. the boys haven’t seemed to develop along the guidelines. They very much seem to ‘work on’ one thing at a time. Our oldest was and still is advanced with his motor skills, but as a toddler was far behind verbally (this is a child who reads extremely well at age 5/6, so don’t let that discourage you). Our second son was just the opposite – an excellent talker who lagged a bit with motor skills. While our daughter wasn’t an early talker or walker, her vocabulary, pronunciation and conversational ability has just blossomed without much encouragement from us, along with her physical abilities, and she’s hit all her milestones right on.
    i often felt when my oldest two boys were very small that the milestones charts were geared to girls. I’m sure there are exceptions to the rule. I think one of the other misdiagnosis risks for younger boys is ADD or ADHD. Boys are just different and they often come around to group activity and social appropriateness later.

  2. so glad that Asher is an eager beaver with his speech! Good for you, great for him! Happy that you updated- it’s not quantity but quality in your posts!:) Looking forward to seeing you guys soon

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