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My post is inspired by this one at We are THAT Family , but it is something that I come back to again and again.  I read this article (or something similar) a couple of years ago, and the concept really struck me.  Why is it so much easier for us (well, for me, at least) to say “no” to our children than “yes?”  Obviously I don’t want to be a permissive parent or to allow my children to develop unrealistic expectations, but I do want them to grow up believing that they can do anything that they put their minds to.  To that end, there is something to be said for more consciously saying “yes” instead of answering the default, “no.”  Meredith writes some helpful guidelines in her post on saying yes.  Have you seen the Jim Carrey film, Yes Man?  Aside from a couple of scenes which should have been omitted, it was a great movie with a good overall message.  Carl Allen, played by Carrey, finds himself much happier when he makes the commitment to be a “yes man.”  So I think that saying “yes” more often might not only benefit my children but also myself.

So, I will try to think twice next time I’m about to tell Judah he can’t build a fort in the living room because our house is smallish and open concept and the whole house will look messy.  Who cares?  Why not stay in your pyjamas all day and then jump in mud puddles outside in the pouring rain?

jumping in the rain

How about you?  Are you a Yes Man Mom or do you tend to say no?  What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. Hmmm, definitely some good food for thought. I know that I tend to be a No Mom, but lately I’ve been spending more time contemplating the big picture and how my actions/words now will make an impact on their futures (that can get really scary when you think about it too long!!). So these articles are perfect for me right now. Thanks for sharing them;)

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