praying for the Gosselin family

This is an unusual post for me, and it may make me seem like some reality TV junkie.  I honestly am not, but I do tune in to catch “Jon & Kate Plus 8” or “18 Kids and Counting” (The Duggars) once in a while.  Like others who watch the prior, there have been times that Kate has really gotten under my skin, but for the most part, I respect her as a busy mom of eight little children.

If you watch the show, you probably caught last week’s season premiere in which Jon & Kate admitted marital issues (but did not elaborate) and that they were unsure about what the future holds.  I don’t know exactly what is going on with Jon & Kate’s marriage, but the negative comments scattered all over the internet and tabloids are breaking my heart.  I am terribly sad for this couple and for their young children, so I am choosing to pray for each of them and for their marriage.  For the past week, the Lord has been laying them on my heart, and I have been lifting them up in prayer whenever this happens.  It appears that I’m not the only one.  Regardless of how you feel about the show or about the choices that Jon and Kate have made, this is a Christian couple whose marriage appears to be in serious trouble.  Will you join me in praying for our brother and sister in Christ?

The Gosselin Family
The Gosselin Family

3 thoughts on “praying for the Gosselin family

  1. I too have been so burdened for them. We’ve been praying for them too.

  2. Hi Karen – I have only watched this show a handful of times (while Micah has been in hospital – we don’t have cable at home), but I have noticed things being said online and at the grocery checkouts (pretty hard to miss!). Awful, terrible things, and no one knows if they are really true. I am greatly disturbed by this and will definitely join you in praying for them.

  3. I cried through that entire episode. So tragic. Definitely praying with you!

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