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Before Nathan came home from the hospital, and when I was still expecting him to be home in time for Christmas, I purchased a cute little outfit from an online store called Ava Baby’s.  Since he wasn’t home for Christmas after all, he didn’t end up wearing the outfit until his little buddy Brennan’s dedication a few weeks ago.  I took a few pictures of him in the outfit and submitted them to Ava Baby’s brand new preemie-of-the-month contest – and Nathan won!  Go check out their site – his picture is displayed on the left sidebar (you’ll have to scroll down a little).  Besides the honour of winning, we won a $25 gift certificate to Ava Baby’s!  Hooray!

Preemie of the Month - February


One thought on “Check this out!

  1. Adorable pic, and congrats on winning the contest! Can’t have too many preemie clothes;)

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