home sweet home, part 2

Yeah…I guess I shouldn’t have promised I would post the next day!  I think promising kind of sealed the deal for it not happening!  But I apologize for making you wait once again!  Asher came down with a nasty cold last weekend, so that is what we have been busy with for the past several days.  Rob and I have both been up in the middle of the night with the kids.  For some reason, Asher seems to wake up right after I have been up for the past hour changing, feeding, and settling Nathan.  Unfortunately, Nathan and Judah have also picked up a mild form of Asher’s cold.  I am so sad to hear my little baby coughing, but it is so hard to protect him from getting sick when the sickness is already in your house!  I have no idea how Asher got sick in the first place, since we have been keeping him home from church and most large gatherings.  Oh, well.  Everyone is on the up-and-up now!  *I must ammend this post.  Since I started writing this over a week ago, Asher is almost totally back to normal but Judah came down with it badly just today.  He has a fever and is pretty lethargic.  Please pray that we can keep Nathan from getting what Judah has.  Nathan still has an occasional cough and that is stressful enough for me!*

Aside from this  bug that is going through our family, it has been wonderful having Nathan home!  The boys are all getting along (relatively) well.  Judah just adores Nathan and always wants to help me by holding him, kissing him, or getting something for me.  It is great!  His behaviour has been a little challenging in other ways, but I think that is an attention thing.  Rob and I have decided that we are going to take turns, once a week or so, taking him out somewhere one-on-one.  I’m sure it will also get better now that Asher is feeling a bit better and doesn’t need quite as much attention.  I guess I shouldn’t count on that, though, because Asher is two years old now.  And he is very two: the child is into everything!  His language is getting better each day, but he is nowhere near where Judah was at this age (I’m learning in retrospect just how advanced Judah was/is).  I sometimes have a hard time figuring out what he is trying to tell me and he becomes frustrated with me and resorts to hitting and/or biting.  I am going to focus on sign language with him over the next little while.  Some friends have said that it really helped them overcome the language barrier at this age.

Nathan is doing well at home.  Up until about a week ago, he slept at least 22 hours of the days.  He was so easy!  He is now (as of January 10th) past his due date and has suddenly become more alert with longer period of wakefulness.  He is so precious when he looks at us and tries to take in all the craziness of his  big brothers!  Welcome to your crazy life, little guy!  I think he is on the verge of smiling, too.  When he looks up at me, I can see the corners of his mouth starting to curl up like he’s trying to smile back.  I think he’s going to be a social little boy.

He looks a lot like his big brothers did as babies.  I think he looks especially like Judah, and I wonder if he will be more long and lean like Judah is.  He still has that fuzzy hair that Asher had for the first couple of months.  I am praying that it stays, but history has a way of repeating itself…in which case, the poor child will be bald until nearly two!  He also has incredibly blue eyes.  I know that Judah’s eyes had a blue rim around them for the first little bit, but I don’t remember them being this blue.  Even his pediatrician commented on how blue they are.  Could we have a blue-eyed boy on our hands?  That would be something new for us!

I’m guessing Nathan weighs around 6 lbs right now.  I am going to take him to the family doctor this week to get weighed.  His discharge weight was 2285 grams and four days later he was only up to 2320 grams, just under 5 lbs 2 oz.  After that weekend, I weighed him at the breastfeeding clinic (on Tuesday, January 6th) and he had jumped up 45 grams to 2385 (just over 5 lbs 4 oz).  At last weight (at the pediatrician on Tuesday, January 13th) he was 2510 grams or 5 lbs 8.5 oz.  So his weight gain is slow but steady.  I have a feeling that it will pick up a little bit now because he seems to be having a growth spurt – the child wants to nurse all the time!  If he keeps this up, he might end up being a roly-poly baby after all.  Remember how chubby Asher was for a while there?

Thanks for reading this far.  I know you probably read just for the pictures, and here they are!

my three handsome boys.  Nathan looks big in this picture, but he’s not.

see?  still little (weighed 5 lbs 1 oz at the time of this pic).  
I love the cloth diaper he is wearing here.  more about that later…

rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub!
Nathan’s first bath at home. 

so peaceful!

aren’t his eyes so blue?

Nathan on his due date, January 10th.

More pics to come…

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