home sweet home, part 1

Nathan has been home for over a week, so I guess it is time for me to update!  And it is definitely time for me to post pictures on this blog again!  It has been sadly lacking in that department lately!

Nathan’s last few days in the NICU were pretty uneventful.  Over Christmas, his primary nurse from Level 3, Tracy, was his nurse.  It was a nice treat to have someone who knew him and for her to see him doing so well.  It made having to be in the NICU over Christmas a little more bearable!

Baby’s First Christmas – Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Nathan with Tracy, the morning after Christmas.

On Boxing Day, they decided to put Nathan with me in a Care by Parent room to see how he would do.  They wanted him in Care by Parent not because they wanted to make sure that I was capable of taking care of him (seeing as I’ve had two preemies before him!) but to make sure that he was ready to handle round-the-clock breastfeeding without exhausting himself.  I loved being able to care for him by myself and to make up for lost cuddling time.  It was also nice to be able to focus on just him for a little bit, since I knew how busy it would be once he came home to meet his brothers!  Okay, so maybe I went a little camera happy, too.  That’s so unlike me, right? 😉



big yawn
(so wishing I had used a smaller aperture setting for this pic…)

big (blue!…at least for now…) eyes

During Nathan’s time in Care by Parent, his weight gain was slow, as usual, so we had to do one extra night just to make sure that he was okay to go home.  As long as he gained weight that day, he was good to go – and obviously, he gained!  We had to wait forever for the doctor to come for rounds that day, though.  Because it was over the holidays, there was no attending physician and everything was kind of chaotic.  We managed to get out of there, but not before Nathan pooped on his original going-home outfit!

waiting for the doctor.

ready to go…

…and home at last!

Because he wasn’t allowed in the NICU,  Asher didn’t know
he had a little brother until the day we brought Nathan home!

Rob took these pictures.  Judah is such a great big brother,
and he was so pleased to finally be able to hold Nathan!

Asher getting a closer look at his new-found little brother.

Things have gone pretty smoothly here since Nathan has been home.  Rob didn’t go back to work until the 2nd of January, so I have only done a couple of days on my own.  I am trying to take it easy a little bit and to enjoy Nathan despite all the work I have to do in this house after a man was in charge of it for several weeks!

I am tired, so I’ve decided to split this into two posts.  Tomorrow, I will post some more pictures and updates about how things are going with Nathan at home!  Stay tuned! 😉

3 thoughts on “home sweet home, part 1

  1. Glad to hear everything is going well! I absolutely love the one with him yawning on the green blanket, it’s beautiful!!

  2. yea! i’m so glad for you that he is finally home!

    i love the first picture in the care by parent series – it looks like he’s doing a cheer!

  3. I LOVE the big yawn pic, even if you think the aperture is too high – it is fabulous!!!

    So glad you are settling in at home:) Great pictures of everyone – Asher’s grin makes me smile EVERY time I see it!

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