Nathan is home!!

Our family is finally together under one roof!  We are so thankful and excited to finally have our precious boy at home!

He was discharged this afternoon (we had to wait for hours for the doctor to come around – there aren’t as many docs on right now due to the holidays) after 67 days in the NICU.  He weighed 2285 grams last night, which is just under 5 lbs 1 oz – the same weight that Asher came home at!  We have a whole list of appointments and follow-ups in the next few months, but at least our boy is home!

I will post some pictures soon!

4 thoughts on “Nathan is home!!

  1. Yeah Nathan!!

    It is so wonderful to finally have these little ones home. Zephan is enjoying being home with his family and I’m sure Nathan will too. Some days are really hard and I still can’t figure out how to get anything done with three boys under the age of five. Today we got all the way out to run the errands we needed to do and then discovered we didn’t have a hat or socks for Zephan – and it was raining, windy, and very cold! After I found a wool hat and socks at one store, all three boys were starving. So I tried to breastfeed Zephan while Asher and Micah ate banana muffins and fruit. It is not easy to breastfeed a preemie and contain two wild little boys in public.

    Let the adventures begin…

  2. Wonderful news!!! And now the rest of the adventure begins…
    We’ll be praying for you in this transition time, and I would love to meet him sometime soon. Looking forward to the pictures…


  3. That is such fabulous news, Karen! May the Lord bless Nathan, and all of you as you grow as a family in 2009!

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