If all goes well, Nathan will be coming home tomorrow!

He has been gaining weight pretty consistently over the past few days, so they put him in a Care-by-Parent room with me as of yesterday evening. When they weighed him in the morning, his weight was exactly the same as last night, so I was very nervous for his weigh-in tonight. I was pleasantly surprised, though – he was up 20 grams from this morning. So I have Nathan in Care-by-Parent for one more night, and hopefully he will have gained a little bit more by morning and be able to come home! Please pray that all goes well tonight and that we can finally bring our sweet baby home!!

2 thoughts on “hopeful…

  1. We’re hoping and praying with you. A delayed, but amazing Christmas present that will be! Blessings as you await final word…and hoping that the next blog post will be great news. 🙂

    Love from the DeRaafs

  2. OOOOH, we are hoping and praying that today is the day!!!!
    Love you guys BUNCHES and hope all goes well.
    love Andrea and Derek

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