I’ll be home for Christmas…?

That’s the hope!  My Christmas wish might come true!  In fact, if things continue to go well with breastfeeding and if Nathan starts to gain a little more weight than he has been in the past week, he could go home by early next week!!!! We are so very thrilled about this news.

Nathan now weighs a pinch over 4 lbs 9 oz.  He had plateaued at 4 lbs 8 oz for about a week, and now his weight has slowly started to increase again.  Yesterday, he was moved to an open air cot and I moved in to the hospital to do one of the night feeds.  That is a lot for a little guy like him, so his weight remained the same yesterday.  Hopefully he will have a significant gain tonight.  If not, they will likely start fortifying his gauvage feeds again.  Since he got sick last time, I am not a huge fan of the fortifier, so I would like him to gain weight without it.

In answer to your question, Jen, the hospital does not have a required weight for discharge.  Rather, babies need to be feeding well and gaining consistently.  Good question, though.  So many people have thought that my babies need to be 5 lbs before they could go home, but that’s not the case.  There’s no magic number!

Our prayer requests for today:

Please pray that Nathan will continue to breastfeed well and be able to gain weight despite the extra energy he is expending.  As his ratio of breastfeeds to gauvage feeds increases, it is important that he continues to gain weight.

The doctors discontinued Nathan’s dose of caffeine today.  In order to go home, he needs to go one week off of the caffeine without any episodes of apnea or bradycardia.  Please pray that Nathan’s heart and lungs will remain healthy and be able to function properly.

I moved in to the hospital yesterday, and Judah and Asher will be staying at my parents’ house to sleep during the week.  Pray especially for them as we get through this home stretch.  These past several weeks have been hard on them.  It will be so nice when Nathan is finally home and I can be around for my big boys.  I desperately want our family to be together under one roof!  Please pray for this next week to run smoothly and that we can take our precious little boy home next week!

3 thoughts on “I’ll be home for Christmas…?

  1. That’s sooo amazing, Karen! I’ve read your updates, half the time with tears in my eyes!! God really has wrapped his arms around your family and looked after all of you! I’ll keep praying for you that all 5 of you are under the same roof on Christmas morning. Merry Christmas!

  2. I happened to come across your website and have been following your jouney for the last couple of weeks. I will be praying for your family and your little one and that you can all be home for Christmas – how great would that be! Karen, I pray that you will stay encouraged throughout your stay at the hospital. Take good care of your family!

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