6 weeks old! (December 5, 2008)

How is it possible that Nathan is 6 weeks old already?

I apologize for not updating all week – I really didn’t mean to leave you hanging.  It has been a busy week, though!  For the past few nights, I’ve fallen asleep with the computer on my lap while attempting to post a quick update…

Nathan is doing well!  Thank you for your prayers!  His feeds were resumed last Friday.  They started him very slowly, because if he had not tolerated feeds, he would have been on complete bowel rest for 10 days.  That would have been a huge set-back!  Over the weekend, he had a few nurses who seemed to doubt that he would be allowed to start breastfeeding again soon.  But on Monday morning at rounds, I asked the doctor for just one attempt at breastfeeding per day, and he said, “He looks big enough and well enough to do more than that!”  So we started at one breastfeed attempt per shift (which is twice per day), and are now at three times per day.  Since breastfeeding has resumed, it has been hit and miss.  Nathan seems more sleepy than he did a couple weeks ago, and that is frustrating when I am trying to get him to nurse.  Since he is gaining weight well, I feel that feeding is really the only thing we need to work on in order to get him home.  And I desperately want to take him home!  Please pray that Nathan will be strong and alert enough to breastfeed well.

I have a huge praise report:  Nathan’s most recent brain ultrasound showed that everything is clear or resolving!!!!!  Rob and I were blown away when we heard this news on Tuesday night.  God is so amazing and SOOOO faithful.  To Him be the Glory!!

Nathan weighed close to 4 lbs 8 oz at his weigh-in last night.  He is so big now!  Rob is visiting with him tonight.  I was supposed to go in to breastfeed, but am so exhausted that I needed to take a night off.  Tomorrow morning will come quickly!  It is not often that I am tired enough to stay home, so it’s to bed for me now!

3 thoughts on “6 weeks old! (December 5, 2008)

  1. Wow Kare! 4lb 8oz!! That’s awesome! He’s going to catch up to Joshua in no time!! 🙂 Glad to hear breastfeeding is going so well too – we’ll pray he stays awake for his feeds! Love you guys!

  2. YAHOO! It won’t be too long before your bring your sweet pea home, I’m sure of it. Wouldn’t that make the most excellent Christmas present ever?!:)
    At what weight do the doctors want him to be before he can be discharged?
    I’m really happy for you that he is breastfeeding. Way to go Nathan!

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