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I am staying at the hospital for a while longer.  There is a lot going on with Nathan, and I feel like I need to be here.  I just finished some lunch and wanted to give an update.

Nathan’s bloodwork looks okay at this point in terms of infection, but we are still waiting on a few numbers.  They have started antibiotics as a proactive measure.  They will do another CBC tonight or tomorrow morning.  Please pray that Nathan’s bloodwork comes back normal and that he will start to act like himself again.

His hemoglobin level was quite low, though, so they have decided to do a blood transfusion.  He had gone this far without one, and we really weren’t expecting anything like this right now.  Please pray that the transfusion goes well and that there are no complications.

As far the stomach x-ray results, all I know is that it showed a lot of gas.  They will be doing another x-ray this evening.  The biggest concern is an infection of the intestines that I have mentioned before – necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), which can be very, very serious.  Please pray for healing in Nathan’s digestive system and that it will start to function properly.

5 thoughts on “quick update

  1. P.S. you or Rob may be eligible for direct donation if your blood types are compatible and he needs another one soon. We considered that option with Micah, but then he didn’t need one in the NICU. It wasn’t an option with his surgeries though. But I think it would be nice to know where the blood came from, know what I mean?

  2. will pray for your family right now. so many unknowns forsure – i will also pray for peace for you.

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