November 26 – prayer request

I am at the hospital with Nathan this morning, and it has been a busy one.  I had noticed over the past day or two that with his feeds, he seems very bloated and uncomfortable.  He has also been gaining a lot of weight.  When Rob and I were in last night, he kept “giving back” his NG feed (it would travel back up the tube).  It was like he just couldn’t stomach it.  He has been breastfeeding (just attempting/getting used to being at the breast) once per day, and has been doing amazingly well with that, so I came in for his 9:00 feed this morning.  When his nurse pulled back on his NG to check his tube before I fed him, he had a fair amount of residual.  She also noticed that his tummy seems more swollen than yesterday.  Because of that, they did some bloodwork (to check for infection) and a stomach x-ray.  We are waiting on the complete results of everything, but they have stopped his feeds for now, and are putting in an IV.  Two nurses have tried to no avail (his veins are “old” – meaning they have been used a lot from when he was in Level 3), and at this moment they are putting it in his scalp again.  Poor guy!  Something of concern is that Nathan, while alert for these procedures, has not been crying at all for any of the pokes.  So it really seems like he is under the weather.  Please pray that Nathan will return to health and that the CBC and stomach x-ray will not show anything serious.

I am thankful for Nathan’s nurse, Vicki, today.  My mommy instinct has been telling me that something is just not quite right over the past couple of days, and Vicki noticed it, too.  I am very grateful for nurses like her who really pay attention to how our little guy is doing.

I will update when I’m home and know a little bit more.  I’m going to go check on Nathan now!

6 thoughts on “November 26 – prayer request

  1. Oh this is tough…but remember sometimes it is two steps forward and one backward…it seemed as if he took 4 steps forward…hopefully this is just a small step back…we will keep praying!

  2. Hey Karen & Rob,
    Just said some prayers for you all! And will continue to pray for everyone….

  3. Karen, keep us the faith, I am sure Nathan will be fine. It is always nice when the people taking care of your child seem to care almost as much as you. Hopefully, it is a small issue, and then can take care of it. It has been great to hear about his taking on more food. Our Prayers are with you.

  4. Poor little guy… it’s tough being so little! We will keep him and all of you in our prayers

  5. Karen, we are praying for your little guy! Love being able to read the updates. I know you are exhausted. Praying for you too!

    Emily (luvbugs)

  6. Praying that this is a little setback and Nathan will be back to normal in no time. And that he will be off his IV for good!

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