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I know the updates haven’t been coming in as frequently lately; life is moving along quickly here!  I cannot believe that Nathan is over four weeks old!  Today was amazing, and I couldn’t go to bed without posting these two awesome updates:

Nathan attempted breastfeeding today!  Actually, it was only intended to be an “attempt.”  The nurse figured that, at 33 weeks (to the day), he would maybe nuzzle a little and that’s all.  But he did more than that – he actually nursed.  He had several big swallows, and then Nathan’s nurse, Rob, and I stared expectantly at his monitor as his heartrate began to slow down.  But it picked right back up with a little tickle of his head, and he managed to keep all of his milk down.  That is amazing for a 33-weeker!

Nathan is now the resident of bed 6 at the Level 2 Nursery at McMaster!  Soon after he had finished his breastfeeding attempt, I heard our nurse, Sherry, discussing “moving” and “discharging” and “making a bed available” with someone.  I peeked my head out of the curtain and said, “What’s going on?” and Sherry told me that he was being moved to Level 2!  I found out a few minutes later, when Rob returned, that he had found out earlier, as we had come in the NICU, but it hadn’t been for certain and they didn’t want to get my hopes up.  I could have kissed Sherry, though.  She really rooted for us to get him to stay at Mac, and we are so thankful!  She actually remembers us (as we do her) from when Asher was in the hospital.  She was working in Level 2 the day that Asher came there.  So now she has seen one of our babies come to Level 2 and has discharged one of our babies from Level 3!

his home in Level 3

his new home in Level 2

in his new home.  His incubator is bigger, so he looks tiny again!  The babies around him are all a lot bigger, too, though!  He was a big boy in Level 3, but in Level 2, he’s definitely the smallest!

Sherry and Nathan in Level 2

More updates later.  I just wanted to share our amazing news!  Thank you for all of your prayers!

5 thoughts on “a good day

  1. oh Karen and Rob, this made me almost cry! Congrats and let’s hope for bigger and better things to come your way as the days pass!

  2. HOORAY!!!! Very, very exciting news guys, he looks like he’s doing SO good!! SO very cute to see him in a little sleeper too! :0)
    God is SOOOOO good!

  3. Wow, he looks fabulous! And so much like Judah and Asher!

    Congrats on the breastfeeding. Go Nathan! And the big move to level 2 – thanking God you got to stay at Mac:)

    Your pics were a trip down memory lane for me today. Micah was in E2 for his first five weeks of life before being moved to St. Jo’s. And we also had Sherry several times:) There are some nurses that were just born to work in the NICU and she is one of them.

  4. Awesome news Karen and Rob…Congrats! Yes we keep praying and it is so great to hear this good news…God be praised.

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