Three Weeks Old! Day 22 (November 14, 2008)

Rob turned 30 today!  Happy Birthday, sweetie!  The nurses on the night shift made this cute card for Rob, and it was on Nathan’s incubator when we arrived in the morning:

Here is an update on the past three days:

Wednesday wasn’t much of a change from the day before.  They did not start Nathan’s feeds, but chose to hold off until they could do another stomach X-ray on Thursday morning in order to be certain that everything was okay.  The poor little guy was SOOOO hungry, though!  While I was holding him that evening, he was pretty restless and kept rooting (looking for the breast – but he’s not quite there yet!).  I felt so bad for him!

Who, me?!  Obsessed with baby feet?

Why won’t these people feed me?

Thursday was a pretty good day.  They finally started feeding him at noon, and he was very happy about it!  They started him at 10 mL/2 hours, which is half of what he was at.  That will be increased by 2 mLs every 8 hours, so hopefully it won’t take too long to get back up to full feeds.  His IV was moved to his left hand today, but we’re hoping he doesn’t need it much longer.  Hopefully this will be the last IV he needs!

the world’s most photographed baby feet!

a visit from Grandma!

I spoke with the resident about the brain scan for a moment that day, and while the official results weren’t in yet, he told me that the bright spot was in fact a hemorrhage.  It is no longer considered “flare” because it hasn’t gone away.  While the term “hemorrhage” is terrifying, It is only a grade 1 bleed (like the other two small bleeds).  The resident told me not to worry about it too much because at this point it is impossible to tell if or how it will affect Nathan.  More to come on this below.

Rob was thrilled to be able to visit and hold Nathan for the first time in over a week.  The poor guy had been under the weather again!  Nathan was making all sorts of different faces – it was so cute!

Day 21 (Thursday, November 13) Weigh-In:  1479 grams, down the 4 grams he gained!  Not too bad for being off his feeds for almost two days.

Today (Friday), has also been a good day.  We are so thankful that things seem to have settled down a little bit!  We had an appointment with his doctor this morning, and everything seems pretty positive at this point in time.  Praise the Lord!  The three main things we discussed were Nathan’s feeds, the blood screening results, and (of course) the brain scan.  

Nathan’s feeds are going well (he is up to 15 mLs every 2 hours now), and we are hoping that he tolerates full feeds well again.  Apparently going on and off feeds a little bit is common in premies.  

The blood screening results, as we already knew, were definitely a false positive.  The doctor basically apologized that we had to worry over nothing.  But that is the nature of newborn screening tests.

The brain scan this week remained about the same as last week.  Actually, there is some improvement – the area is slightly less dense-looking than before and it has not left behind an area of void which would indicate severe damage.  Nathan will have another head ultrasound in the future, but it probably won’t be for several weeks.  There is nothing we can do (besides pray!) to change the course of what is going on in that area of his brain, so the doctor feels that it is best to let things happen as they will and then take a look later  (probably after Nathan’s due date).  So, more waiting.  However, we wanted to have a clearer picture of what the future holds for Nathan if there is damage in that area.  (The doctor said that the possibility still exists that it will completely disappear/leave no damage, but doesn’t want us to expect that.)  When we heard “motor delays,” a lot of things went through our minds.  A big one: Will our son be able to walk?  The doctor answered that question before we could even ask it.  He told us that because this area is quite small, he does not foresee any major problems.  Since the affected area is on the right side of Nathan’s brain, Nathan could have clumsiness or weakness in his left hand or stiffness in his foot.  These are just possibilities; there is no way of knowing until he is older – these issues will become more evident when Nathan is two or three years old.  His motor development (in particular, his the development on the left side of his body as his right side) will be closely followed.  So, the doctor’s opinion is that Nathan should not have trouble walking or living a “normal” life.  That is encouraging!

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  1. oh, the last picture of Nathan is so beautiful—his cheeks are looking nice and plump in that pic:) We are continuing to pray! love you! amy

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