no news is (mostly) good news!

I apologize for not updating about Nathan over the past few days.  But this is a positive thing; he is at the point where updating every day seems repetitive.  There are definitely some updates, though.  Let me fill you in!

Saturday was a good day for Nathan.  He had no As or Bs all day; hooray!  Oma and Opa Ennema are feeling better, so they were able to meet our little man for the first time.

On Sunday, Grandpa Breimer and Judah came in to visit Nathan.  He looked good, but his nurse told me that he had been having episodes of apnea and braycardia and frequent desaturations due to reflux, so she had upped his oxygen to 25%.  She thought that it was because he was gagging on his OG tube (the feeding tube through his mouth), and planned to change it. She was definitely right!  When I went in that evening, he had not had a single episode since the nurse had changed the feeding tube to his nose.  It looks so much more comfortable, too!  I also got to see how much he loves his pacifier.  The nurse who was in during the day had told me that he liked it, but I hadn’t seen him with it yet.

Day 17 (Sunday, November 9) Weigh-In: 1479 grams or 3 lbs 4 oz – he is over his birthweight!

Monday was a great day for Nathan.  When I called for an update in the morning, the nurse told me that they were just taking off his CPAP.  I hadn’t expected this until Tuesday, so that was a pleasant surprise!  When I arrived in the afternoon, his doctor and I took a look at his graph over the past few hours to see if it was obvious when he went off the CPAP – and it wasn’t!  That means his body is adjusting well to not having the CPAP.  He did not have a single A or B episode all day.  I’m so proud of our little man!  We also received confirmation about the diagnostic screening for CAH – the endocrinologist says that CAH is highly unlikely.  Thank you, Lord!

using his soother.  It looks huge compared to him, but it’s actually quite small!

I love his soft baby hair!  I’m certain he’ll go bald like his big brothers did, so I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

This picture is a reflection – the nurses put a mirror in his isolette for the times when he is facing the wall (they change every four hours).

so sweet!

Today started off about the same as the past fews days.  When I spoke with his nurse on the phone this morning, she told me that he was doing well and that there had been no changes.  However, at around 6:30 pm, she called me to let me know that Nathan had been taken off of his feeds.  Apparently, he hadn’t been tolerating them well.  They did a CBC (complete blood count) to check for infection, and that came back okay.  Praise the Lord!  His abdomen is still soft, so his bowels are functioning properly.  That’s good, too – no NEC!  So the thinking is that perhaps he was just pushed a little too hard a little too fast.  If he does well tonight, they will probably start him back up on feeds again tomorrow morning.  Anyway, the sad part about this was that since Nathan was finally off his CPAP and IV, we had hoped to help out with his first “real” bath (as opposed to just a sponge bath) tonight.  But since he is off his feeds right now, they had to put him back on an IV for now – so no bath!  Oh, well.  Hopefully Thursday night!

Nathan had another head ultrasound today.  We don’t know the results yet, but his nurse tonight said that we will probably hear something tomorrow.  Please continue to pray for no damage to be left in that area of Nathan’s brain.

Rob was finally feeling well enough to come in today.  He had not been in since last Thursday, so he was very excited to be able to see Nathan again!  Rob took a great picture of me holding Nathan – the little guy was so alert this evening:

Rob was disturbed by the fact that his IV is in his head.  The nurse told us that while it looks uncomfortable, it’s actually quite easy to put in there, and it doesn’t get in the way as much.  Either way, we’re hoping it doesn’t have to stay in for long!

Day 19 (Tuesday, November 11) Weigh-In: 1483 grams (up 4 grams – better than nothing!)

Your continued prayers are appreciated.  We couldn’t get through this time without them!  As I mentioned, our primary concern at this point is still the results of Nathan’s head ultrasound.  Please also pray that he will begin to tolerate his feeds again.  Aside from that, please continue to pray for good health for our family.  Everyone is better or on the mend right now, so that is good!  I overdid it a little bit last week, though, so my incision has been sore.  Although it is necessary for my healing, I find it difficult to allow myself to rest.  Pray that I would be wise enough to let my body heal!  

9 thoughts on “no news is (mostly) good news!

  1. Great news Karen!! Glad to hear that everything is going well. I will continue to pray for your sweet boy. He is so adorable!! Love the pic with his eyes wide open 🙂

  2. wow, rob & karen, beautiful pictures from the both of you! He is soo beautiful! Praise God, he is over his birth weight and doing so well! We are continuing to pray for all of you and esp. Nathan’s head ultrasounds. God is holding your little one everyday in His healing hands! love you all.

  3. We are thanking God for His continued work in the lives of Nathan and your family. What a beautiful family!!!! I love the pictures of Robi and the boys…we need some of you though.

    I love you so very much as well as Robi and your family. The Ashley-Little clan is praying for you.

  4. Karen,
    I’m glad I finally read your blog. We’ll be praying for Nathan and your whole family! It’s interesting how much we have in common with two older brothers and a babies in – or headed for – the NICU. I’m happy for your boring day. Borng days here are good too!

  5. Hi Karen and Rob: Wonderful news so far! I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING HIM! He looks so sweet! Thanks for the update.
    We will keep praying for Nathan!
    Love Aunt Ev and Uncle Al

  6. Glad to hear that things are looking good. Isn’t the IV in the head the saddest-looking thing? But apparently that’s one of the best veins! We’re praying for your little guy!

  7. What wonderful news, Nathan is a little fighter! We continue to pray for you and your family. Thank you for keeping us updated through your blog. I love the photos of your handsome prince! He really looks alot like his older brothers! Huge almond brown eyes and cutie face! What a beautiful baby.
    How are you feeling these days? How are you healing?

  8. He looks great without the CPAP on 😉 Glad Rob could finally come again. What did Judah think about meeting his brother?

    Did you get the results of the head ultrasound? Praying they were good. Is he on full feeds again? Rachel had a really hard time with that too, we had to start and stop three times, I think. No NEC, just taking her time. We all had a little party the first time she pooped (at over a week old) LOL!

    Hope you heal up quickly, Karen. It is so easy to put yourself last when you are being stretched in a million different directions. Hopefully Rob will stay better now and can be with Nathan so you don’t have to feel guilty staying home once in a while. The nice thing is, though, that the 4F is right outside the NICU;) I had to peek my head in there once to have my incision looked at, but it ended up being OK in the end.

    Praying for you guys!

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