life outside of the NICU

Yes, it does exist!  In fact, I have two incredibly sweet little boys at home who I think are pretty awesome.  And it’s high time I spent a little of my time bragging about them, too!  My last update was at the beginning of October, and it didn’t even include pictures…

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the past month and a half.  Most of it involved bedrest for me, so we didn’t get out as much as usual during that time!  It has been a difficult period for the boys, too.  They didn’t understand what was going on while I was on bedrest.  Mommy looks fine, so why can’t she do the things she normally does?  

Judah has continued to test the waters, but we have been trying to extend grace as we know that he is probably dealing with a lot of emotions at this time.  He is really into colouring, drawing, and printing right now.  He has known all of his letters and their sounds for quite some time, but until recently, had no interest in writing them.  Then, at the beginning of October, he surprised me by printing his name totally independently:

Isn’t he awesome?

Asher is getting more efficient at walking, but he is still not doing so all the time.  He has his first physiotherapy appointment at end of the month, so hopefully we can get some ideas to help him walk more easily.  He has been walking so much these past few days, though, that we think he might be walking just fine by then!  He is also starting to talk more frequently and more clearly.  This is such a fun age!

In general, the boys are adjusting well to all the changes lately.  We have our rough days, but that’s to be expected.

Some random pictures from September up until now:

3 thoughts on “life outside of the NICU

  1. Yay to Judah for writing your name! I SO impressed!!

    Great pics, Karen. You are a very talented photographer and are a whiz with photoshop! Love all your editing!

    Judah looks so much like you in the last picture, WOW.

  2. Way to go Judah…I am impressed that you can do that at your age…smart kid…smart parents!
    Glad to hear Asher is walking!!! Yeah Asher!

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