Two weeks old! Day 15 (November 7, 2008)

I can hardly believe that Nathan is two weeks old already!  It has been a whirlwind couple of weeks!  In some ways, though, I can’t imagine life any differently; this is our reality right now!

I had a nice visit with Nathan this evening.  He had an uneventful day – no As or Bs, no new test results to worry about.  Boring is good!  I was there for his weigh-in tonight, and was surprised to find that his weight has actually gone down a little bit.  I thought for sure that he would be above his birth weight!  The doctors aren’t too worried about it, but decided to bump up his feeds by 1 mL every hour.  That’s about all I have to report – nothing else is really going on today!

Nathan’s primary nurse was in for her last shift before her regular five days off, and it’s kind of sad because if all goes well this week (Nathan comes off CPAP and does well, continues to tolerate feeds), there will be no reason to keep him in the Level 3 NICU, and so we may not see her again!  While it will be great when Nathan gets to move to a Level 2 nursery (we are praying that he will be able to remain at McMaster instead of being transferred to St. Joseph’s), it will be an adjustment as we get used to a whole new team of doctors and nurses.

Weigh-in: 1404 grams, a little over 3 lbs 1 oz.

Off CPAP for his weigh-in!  I love to see his sweet little face!
Wrinkly forehead like his daddy, huge eyes like his brothers!

Some prayer requests today:

Please continue to pray for the health of our family.  Rob is still not well, and I am trying to remain healthy despite low amounts of sleep.  I had been recovering well from my c-section, but over the past two days I have overdone it a little bit, and my body is letting me know it!

Please pray that Nathan will continue to tolerate his feeds and that his weight will begin to increase again.

Please continue to pray for the area of concern in Nathan’s brain.

We truly appreciate all of your prayers.  We also love to read your comments; it is nice to know that people are reading Nathan’s story and praying for our little man.  It means so much to us!

6 thoughts on “Two weeks old! Day 15 (November 7, 2008)

  1. I love his little feet!! So glad that today was uneventful and you were able to spend more time with him. He is so precious! We continue to pray for him lots!

  2. Karen and Rob,

    He is such a cute little one! look at his feet! glad you had an uneventful day yesterday!
    Not sure if there is anything I can do, but I have some free time this weekend (which is rare for me) and would love to offer anything you need help with (cleaning, taking the boys out to the park, some food or laudry help) if you get this in time…
    let me know!

  3. I can’t believe how much he already looks like his big bros! SOOO sweet!

  4. AAWW!! Such a cute little peanut. He looks a little more like Judah to me, and his feets are sooo tiny!!Very precious pics.

  5. Great picture of Nathan! He totally looks like his brothers:) Amazing that you can see that already!

    I can’t remember if you ended up at St. Jo’s with Asher, but its really not that bad. Someone told me it is like switching from a Hilton hotel to a Motel 6, which is true – the equipment and atmosphere is a bit archaic, but I found the nurses were great there. I know part of it is moving up to level 2 from level 3, but they were much more willing to let me do everything with my kids instead of always having to ask permission like I did for our first 5 weeks at Mac. Also very helpful and informative. I’m sure if you end up there, you’ll like it. BTW, that is AWESOME that he’d be moving already!!

    Praying that Rob will shake that cold – enough already!!!

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