more waiting – please pray

I am still at the hospital, but I really wanted to update to request more prayer.  Rob and I met with Nathan’s doctor this morning, and they are still watching the bright spot that appeared at his last head ultrasound.  The regular radiologist took a look and does think that it needs to be monitored.  They think that it is most likely PVL flare (as opposed to another bleed), so it is now a matter of wait and see.  He will be having weekly head ultrasounds until the flare disappears and they can see the brain more clearly.  Once the flare disappears (the doctor explained it as kind of a mist that prevents them from looking at that area of the brain right now), it will be evident whether or not there is any damage.  If there is damage, they will do an MRI to get a better look.  Sometimes, it leaves no damage whatsoever, but it can also leave small or large amounts of damage.  Since the flare is on the right side of Nathan’s brain, it could mean some degree of weakness (depending on the extent of damage) on the left side of his body.  The doctor is more concerned than he was, but is still optimistic because of how well Nathan is doing otherwise.  We are still praying that the flare will disappear and leave no trace of damage.  Please continue to pray for full healing and restoration in this area of Nathan’s brain.

We are still awaiting the results of the bloodwork from his newborn screening.  I feel like I’m on pins and needles; nothing is conclusive right now!  Please continue to pray for normal results.

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  1. Must’ve been so hard to stay away from your baby yesterday… I can remember two times when I got a sore throat, but I would just put on a mask before entering the NICU. Turned out a wasn’t sick anyways, it was just from all the dry air in the NICU. But sometimes it’s not worth the risk. We are praying for you several times a day and think of you often! Thank you for posting the specific prayer requests, it really helps.

  2. My heart is crying for you and your family, Karen. We’re praying here! God is good and we know He loves your baby even more than you do. (Hard to imagine, eh?) Thanks for keeping us posted, our prayers are with you.

  3. kare & rob, we are praying extra hard for you guys and esp. little nathan. thank you, for the updates. may God strengthen you all with His healing power. all our love: amy, colin & christian.

  4. Chris and I are praying for you. Ashley Family loves the Ennema Family….

  5. Karon , it is such a blessing to see the progress of Nathan and how your lives are going around this tough time. Please know that God is hearing a lot of voices in prayer for Nathan and your entire family.

    Prayer is a powerfull tool that God give his childern to talk to him daily, we must use this tool to his power.

    Keep on praying as we all are with you. God Bless.

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