Day 14 (November 6, 2008)

Just a quick update about how the rest of today went!

After I grabbed some lunch at the hospital, I got to meet with Nathan’s new attending physician (they switch every three weeks).  He is also very nice – he took the time to answer my questions and let me know how he felt Nathan is doing.  I asked him about the endocrinology bloodwork results, and from looking at then numbers he had (a few of the results weren’t in yet), he thought that the screen results could have been a false positive.  Some of the numbers might be a little high only because he is premature, and a premie’s bloodwork is not always the same as that of a full-term newborn.  Then, after I left, the endocrinologist came in and spoke to the nurse.  They left a note saying that although some of the numbers were a little higher than average, it is unlikely than Nathan has CAH (the disorder that the newborn screening test had turned up as positive).  Praise the Lord!  Please pray that the rest of the results come in to confirm this.

Nathan is up to full feeds, 18 mL every 2 hours, as of noon today.  They really pushed him so that they could get him off the IV, but he has done well!  He has only had one or two As and Bs since they put him back on CPAP yesterday.

I went to visit Nathan alone again this evening, because Rob is still under the weather.  I have been wearing a mask whenever I hold him just in case I start to get sick, but I have been feeling fine.  Thank you for your prayers!  Please continue to pray for good health for our family!

I had a nice long cuddle with my little man tonight.  I just love my time with him; I always have a hard time leaving.  It’s a long time yet, but I can’t wait until he can finally come home!

3 thoughts on “Day 14 (November 6, 2008)

  1. Thanks for the update Karen…you are SO GOOD at this! I print them off and bring them to Grandma, so she can stay up to date!
    What is CAP? I know some things are still uncertain, but keep hoping and we are all praying! God has a plan…to give Nathan a hope and a future…
    We love you ALL!
    Aunt Ev and Uncle Al

  2. Hi Karen and Rob – I got this link off Kevin’s weekly email. I haven’t been at church in two weeks but caught up with the news and read your blog eagerly. Your family is in our prayers as you go through this challenging time. May God keep special watch over this little boy!!

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