Day 12 (November 4, 2008)

Today, the doctors decided to put Nathan back on the CPAP.  When I called for an update this morning, Nathan’s primary nurse was in, and she told me that because his respiration rate was up and his As and Bs were becoming more frequent, she mentioned it to the doctors and they decided it would be best to give him a break for a few days.  He was doing well off the CPAP at first, but he has been working a bit hard at breathing over the past day or two.  Apparently it is pretty common for premies to have to go off and on – they have to try them off the CPAP to see if they can do it, and sometimes they just aren’t ready.  Since they put Nathan back on the CPAP, he has not had any As and Bs.  So it is definitely helping!  He is on room air (21% oxygen) and a low level of CPAP, just to give him a little bit of help.  Nathan’s nurse told Rob that they will probably keep him on for another week.

I had a nice cuddle with Nathan this afternoon, and then this evening, Pastor Kevin came in with Rob and I to see Nathan and to pray for him and our family.  We are so thankful for all the prayer support we are receiving.  Please pray that our little man will continue to grow stronger and that the test results that we are waiting for will all return with normal results.

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  1. We love you Nathan! Know that you are being prayed for by lots of people!

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