Day 11 (November 3, 2008)

Thank you so much for your prayers, everyone!

Today was another busy day.  When I spoke to Nathan’s nurse at noon, she told me that they had started him on bolus feeds (intermittent feeds through gauvage), 9 mLs every 2 hours.  The continuous feeds weren’t helping the As and Bs as much as they had hoped, so they decided that they weren’t related.  They also decided to ramp up the the amount of feeds more quickly, because they are trying to get him off of his IV.  He had a couple of As and Bs while using his soother this morning, so they decided that the soother was a no-go for now!

They also did an EKG of his heart this morning.  When I came in this afternoon, the resident told me that the “official” results of the EKG weren’t in yet, but that Nathan’s heart looks great and the murmur is in fact caused by a PDA, as Nathan’s attending physician had predicted, and that it will close on its own.  Praise the Lord!

I also spoke to the nurse about Nathan’s brain scan, and she said that the radiologist who looked at it was not the one who usually sees his scans.  She reiterated what Nathan’s doctor told us on Sunday – usually babies with PVL flare would exhibit symptoms, and Nathan is not – that perhaps the radiologist saw something that isn’t really there.  Of course, the possibility of PVL is still there, but we are definitely hopeful since so many people have expressed doubts about the scan results.  Please continue to pray for Nathan’s brain and that the results of his head ultrasound (which they are doing tomorrow) would come back normal.

More anxious news today, as if we haven’t had enough of that this week: one of Nathan’s newborn screening tests came back with a possible positive.  They did some diagnostic bloodwork, and we are waiting on the results of that.  Please pray that the bloodwork will return as normal.

I kangarooed with Nathan for about an hour this afternoon; it was such a nice visit!  He was so relaxed when we put him back in his “home” (what the nurses call the babies’ incubators)!  I also had a good talk with one of the Lactation Consultants – everyone is having a good chuckle over my overactive milk supply.  I think my body thinks it needs to make milk for all of the babies in the NICU…

Grandma and Grandpa Breimer came in to see their newest grandson this evening; it was nice for them to see him without the CPAP mask.  We made it in time for his weigh-in and bath tonight.  The nurse let me do most of the bath – a sponge bath – and I was so nervous because he’s just so tiny!  I’m always amazed at how easily the nurses handle these tiny little babies – and Nathan is far from the smallest baby in the NICU!

Weigh in: up to 1379 grams, which is just over 3 lbs.  Go, Nathan!

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