Day 10 (November 2, 2008) – Prayer Needed

Today was an emotional day; there is a lot going on with Nathan right now.  

I called to get an update on Nathan at around lunchtime, and the nurse told me that he was doing well but having more spells of apnea and bradycardia which seem to be related to his feeds.  They decided to put him on continuous feeds to see if that curbs his reflux and cuts down on the As and Bs.  She said that it seemed to be helping thus far.  She also said that the doctor was going to be in until 4:00 and wanted to give us an update.  First clue that something might be not right.

We came in as soon as we could, and the doctor had a lot of information for us.  

First:  the incident with his PICC line is actually fairly common among premies, and it seems to have resolved completely.  Because Nathan is not up to full feeds yet, however, they may need to insert another PICC line instead of constantly changing locations of peripheral IVs.  He asked us not to close our minds to the option of another PICC line.  Please pray that Nathan will tolerate his feeds well and will no longer need IVs.  If a PICC line is required, please pray that everything will stay in place this time around! 

Second:  They have detected, off and on, a faint heart murmur.  The doctor believes that it is closing on its own already, and we are not super concerned about it.  Please pray that the duct will close and that Nathan’s heart will be able to function properly.  

Third:  Premature babies have routine head ultrasounds to detect brain bleeds (caused by the bursting of tiny blood vessels).  Nathan’s first ultrasound was clear, but his most recent scan indicated two very small bleeds.  They are a grade 1 on a scale of 1 to 4, 4 being the most severe, and the doctor does not think they will get much worse.  If all goes well, they will turn into cysts and dissipate.  The doctor was actually surprised about the bleeds because of how well Nathan is doing.  There was another issue with Nathan’s ultrasound, and the doctor was quite surprised about this as well.  There was a bright spot on the ultrasound that could indicate Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL) in its mildest form.  The bright spot is referred to as PVL flare.  In 90% of these cases, there are no long-term effects, but there is the possibility of motor problems.  The doctor wonders if the radiologist is just covering his bases so that nothing is missed, and is not convinced that Nathan even has any form of PVL.  He has another head ultrasound on Tuesday, and the doctor will meet with us to go over the results after the doctors review it on Thursday.  Please pray that Nathan’s ultrasound will show normal results.  We are praying that the Great Physician will amaze the doctors by complete healing and restoration.

I won’t leave you with bad news.  Today had some high points, as well!  I changed Nathan’s diaper for the first time – what a tiny bum that boy has!  I was a little disappointed that they didn’t do a weight and a bath tonight – it was the first night we made it there on time but also the first night that they are not doing it, as it will now be done every other day.  

The most exciting news is that I was able to do some kangaroo care with Nathan this evening, and it was so wonderful!  He snuggled right in and his oxygen saturation was great.  He didn’t have any apneas or bradys while I was holding him.  Rob also got to hold Nathan.  He is so tiny yet so perfect; we are so thankful for our precious baby boy!


13 thoughts on “Day 10 (November 2, 2008) – Prayer Needed

  1. kare, it was so good to chat for a moment again this morning. After reading your blog, I understand a little more of what you were saying–we are continuing to pray extra hard for dear Nathan. Those last pics of the kangaroo care made me cry–he is so perfect. God is bigger than all of this—He is taking care of your darling baby. We will keep praying for complete health and strength. love you! amyxo

  2. Hey Karen
    I will pray for Nathan. I wish you all the best -he looks so cute and totally perfect. All the best!

  3. Oh Karen, this must be so difficult. I am praying for you guys. I can’t imagine how you must feel and recovering from a C section. I will pray for peace for you.
    Thanks for the update, hope your other boys are doing ok too.

  4. Beautiful pictures Karen!
    We love you guys and are praying for Nathan.
    I must now go get your big baby son who I hear from upstairs and must be up already from his nap! ~Andrea

  5. Karen,
    We’ll be praying. Thanks for sharing this info and his pictures. He is so precious!

  6. Hi! I’ve been following your story through my sister Jenn. Just reading your posts and seeing pictures brings back so many memories, and it just seeems so familiar, somehow! 🙂 He is a beautiful baby (and a good weight, too!). Isn’t that teeny-tiny bum so funny to change compared to the toddlers? We are keeping you and your little one in our prayers, and we hope that things continue to go well, (despite the inevitable setbacks). All the best!

  7. Karen,

    We have been praying for Nathan since Day 1 and we will continue to do so as long as prayer is needed. We spoke to your parents yesterday, as well as to Rob, but your post today makes it even more real. Thanks for sharing the pictures. May God richly bless Nathan and you as you care for your beautiful son!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Glad you are able to use the kanga carrier:) Hope his feeds get under control so you can avoid CPAP at all costs, as well. Rachel had a PICC, but Micah’s veins couldn’t handle one so they had to do a CVL on him (central cut down on the thigh – NOT COOL), but the poor guy was looking like a pin cushion, so it was the lesser of two evils. Thank the LORD that the interstitial fluid is gone! Also praying for the ASD to close on it’s own. And especially for the PVL and head ultrasounds – one of the more stressful parts of parenting a micro preemie, for sure.

    PLEASE let us know if we can help you in any way. Praying hard for you all!

  9. Hi Karen, Your son looks absolutely gorgeous. My thoughts are with you and your family…thanks for sharing the information.
    In our prayers, All the best always!

  10. Karen: You have a beautiful son! Our thoughts and prayers are with you… I am going to bring up Nathan at our prayer meeting on Thursday. Prayer is a wonderful thing; God is waiting to answer our prayers and is just waiting for us to ask Him! I hope everything goes well.

  11. Thanks so much for sharing this journey. We hope that you feel God’s hand throughout all of this. We are praying hard for Nathan and for you as well. We look forward to more positive updates!!

  12. We are praying hard for Nathan, that he may have better and better days ahead. We are also praying for you and your other 2 boys, that the stress and strain be bearable. Thanks for the updates.

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