Day 9 (November 1, 2008)

Nathan is still off the CPAP and doing amazingly – only one A and B episode today!  He also looks more comfortable because his feeding tube is now in his nose instead of his mouth.  He was wearing a little shirt for the first time today…

We finally got a length on him; we have been asking the nurses for the past few days.  He is 16.5 inches long.  That is tall for his weight and gestational age.  I’m not convinced he’ll be tall later on, though…Asher was 17 inches at 30 weeks, and he is short now!  But I suppose that could change, too.

Rob has noticed that they have heard a heart murmur over the past couple of days.  We haven’t spoken to anyone about it yet, so hopefully we can meet with the doctor this week to learn more about it.  At this point, we are choosing not worry!

Weigh-in: 1316 grams, down a mere 4 grams from last night!

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