One week old! Day 8 (October 31, 2008)

I am happy to report that Nathan is looking a lot better today.  His neck is still a little bit swollen, but he’s almost completely back to normal.  He looks much more comfortable!  I felt so bad for him last night!

I held him for his feed at noon today, and because the fluid has gone away from his chest, they decided to take the CPAP off after all.  The doctor said to see how he did off the CPAP while I was holding him and then to monitor it this afternoon.  He did superb while I was holding him, so now we will have to see how it goes!  When I  called this evening, he was still off the CPAP and up to 4 mLs every 2 hours for his feeds.  He has been having a few As and Bs, but nothing out of the ordinary for just being removed from the CPAP.

His weight last night was 1337 grams (just over 2 lbs 15 oz), a significant jump from 1193, and all because of the misplaced fluids.  He is starting to pee higher volumes, though, so they are hoping that his body will start to get rid of the fluid.  The doctor said that the priority for this weekend will be ensuring that his weight goes down a little bit more to indicate the fluids leaving, and then we will concentrate on weight gain.

Weigh-In:  Tonight, his weight was down to 1320 (about 2 lbs 14.5 oz), which is a good sign that everything is returning to normal.

It is still hard for me to process all that has taken place within this past week.  I don’t think I’ve fully gotten over the shock of delivering my little guy so early.  A week ago this morning, I never would have guessed that we would be here now!  Having been through a similar experience with Asher, I find it difficult to think of how far we have to go.  I have to take it day by day, because otherwise I will get discouraged.  I know that God will give me strength for each day!

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  1. Hurray, no more CPAP! Praying he can stay off it and get that weight under control! Are they giving him Lasix or just hoping he’ll do it on his own?

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