Day 7 (October 30, 2008)

I didn’t go in to see Nathan during the day today because I was having a rough day with recovery from my c-section.  When Rob and I went in tonight, we were very upset by what we found when we arrived.

Nathan’s PICC line had somehow moved so that his IV fluids, lipids, etc. all went interstitial – into the space between his muscles and his skin.  When his nurse this evening came in, she noticed right away that his chest and neck were incredibly swollen.  This child whose skinny cheekbones we were commenting on yesterday looks like the Michelin man because of all this fluid around his neck and on his chest.  It looks terrible; he doesn’t look like himself at all.

What we are most upset about is that according to the doctor we spoke to (we had to speak to two before we could get enough answers to calm me down…), it probably would have taken at least two hours for him to get that swollen.  How on earth did the nurse who was caring for him before the night shift came on not notice that?  He is in the ICU – shouldn’t he be watched more closely?  He is a scrawny little guy, so it’s not like it’s hard to miss. The night nurse noticed right away.

They didn’t get a weight on him tonight because they wanted to limit the handling after all he had been through already.  They will be weighing him at midnight, though.

They may have to keep him on the CPAP longer because of this incident.  They had planned on taking him off tomorrow, but because of the extra pressure on his lungs, they want to keep it on until the swelling is gone.  The doctors think that it should go down within a couple of days and that there will likely be no tissue damage, but I’m still very upset by the whole thing.  I had a hard time looking at my baby tonight…

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  1. So sorry that happened, Karen. He has to go through so much, and to have unnecessary suffering is extremely difficult! Praying for you guys.

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