Day 6 (October 29, 2008)

Nathan’s feeds have been increased to 1 mL every 2 hours, and he seems to be tolerating that relatively well.  His weight tonight was only down two grams from last night, and since his feeds are going well and they have increased his IV lipids, they are expecting his first gain tomorrow!  They have also decreased his CPAP pressure down to 4.  He is doing so well!  We are also happy because the nurse who has been caring for him for the past few days is going to be his primary nurse.  She is a super-sweet mama who just back from maternity leave, and she takes great care of our little man!

The most exciting part of today is that Rob got to hold his newest son for the first time tonight!  He was finally feeling well again, and was so thrilled to be able to hold his baby boy.

Nathan was looking around with his big, beautiful, dark eyes tonight.  What a sweetie pie!

Weigh-in: 1193 grams

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