Day 2 (October 25, 2008)

After a restless sleep (Did I really just have the baby already?!) last night, I was anxious for Rob to arrive at the hospital so that I could finally see my sweet baby boy.  By the time I had regained feeling in my legs after the c-section, it was close to midnight and I was too shocked and exhuasted to make it to the NICU at that point!

Our little man is tiny, but he looks great!  We are not able to hold him yet – right now, the important thing is to ensure that Nathan is stable.  He was on CPAP since shortly after delivery but because his oxygen saturation levels kept dropping so significantly despite upping his oxygen level, they decided to put him on the ventilator at around 7 pm.  The main reason for doing this was so that they can administer surfactant in the form of a drug called “Bles”.  He was given the Bles at 8:00 pm and did well with it.  He quickly weaned to room air.  Since then, he has been doing well breathing room air (no longer requiring extra oxygen) on the ventilator.

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