Introducing Nathan Ezekiel

I am shocked yet thrilled to announce the birth of our third son, a little boy named Nathan Ezekiel.  Nathan means “gift of God” and Ezekiel means “God will strengthen.”  He was born on Friday, October 24 at 8:47 pm via c-section.  He weighed an amazing 3 lbs 3 oz for his gestational age – 28 weeks, 6 days.  My OB said that while bedrest doesn’t always keep the baby in longer, it usually helps buy a fatter baby!  And it is true in Nathan’s case; praise the Lord!

Nathan is stable, but we covet your prayers more than ever.  I am still in complete shock.  I went in for an ultrasound on Friday morning and they discovered that I was dilating, so they shipped me up to Labour & Delivery.  There, they detected contractions that I was barely feeling.  A few hours later, however, I definitely noticed them…and there was no stopping them.  I was so scared about our baby being born so early, but I know that Nathan is in good hands here.  It feels like we’ve done this before…

4 thoughts on “Introducing Nathan Ezekiel

  1. Wow Karen, glad that he is bigger than expected!!
    I will be praying for you and little Nathan and the rest of your family. Can’t believe you have 3 boys!! I think you need a pink one….you’re outnumbered.

  2. Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy! I honestly cried when I heard that he was over 3 pounds because while you were in labour we were praying that you would have a strong baby and that he would be bigger than expected. Renee (through Trish)was telling me that based on your ultrasound they thought he would only be 2 pounds and little bit so PRAISE GOD that he was over 3.
    How are you feeling? How is he doing? I cannot wait to see some photos of Nathan. I LOVE his name.

  3. Congratulations, Rob & Karen! Praying for you, and especially Nathan. Beautiful name choice, once again:) I hope you are able to recover quickly so that you can care for your boys!

  4. Thanks for taking time to write the update on your blog. It is great to see and hear “how big” Nathan is for his age. You praise God in all you do! Thanks for your testimony!
    Love Aunt Ev

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