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I went in for another ultrasound this afternoon, and they discovered that my cervix has shortened again – quite significantly.  It had remained about the same (20 mm, if you’re curious) since they originally discovered that it was shortening and placed the cerclage, but now it has shortened to only 6 mm.  The OB in the ultrasound unit wanted to send me to Labour & Delivery to be checked today, but my OB told me to go home and put my feet up for the night.  She called me this afternoon, and wants me to go into L & D tomorrow, since she is on call, and she will check me and give me further instructions.  So, I’m on bedrest for now…and we’ll see what happens tomorrow.  We covet your prayers that this child would remain in utero for several more weeks.  I am just about 27 weeks now.  28 weeks is the next milestone that I would like to pass, but I obviously would like to carry further.  We have been praying for a 37-weeker since the beginning of this pregnancy, and we will continue to pray for that!

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