Breimer family camping 2008

Yes, I am finally getting around to posting these!  WARNING:  There are a LOT of photos in this post!

Camping was great this year.  We used a trailer for the first time, borrowed from friends of ours, and it was wonderful!

The first morning, all of us were up eating breakfast except Asher (who was teething and thus slept terribly the entire week..and was still sleeping blissfully at 8 am – not fair!).  Suddenly, we heard a “boo!” and looked up to see Asher with the curtains in his hands and a huge grin on his face.  He opened and closed and “boo!”ed for me a few times, so I caught a cute picture of it.  He’s so funny!

the boys sleeping on their side of the trailer

We were blessed with amazing weather the week that we camped.  It rained the very first day and our very last night – and the rest of the week was beautiful!  We spent several hours at the beach most days, and the boys absolutely loved it!  Judah loved the sand, and was starting to become a little less cautious about the water by the end of the week.  Asher loved playing in the water, though!

Our days at the beach usually consisted of at least a game or two of bocce ball.  Judah loved watching the adults play, and we would let him throw the little ball sometimes.

On the mornings when it wasn’t quite warm enough for the beach until later, we took advantage of the Pinery’s many hiking trails.  We also did the bike trail, but I didn’t get any pictures.

And Dad climbed a tree on one of our walks!!!!

arguing with Mom about if he is too old to climb a tree…

…and up he goes!

Our family also enjoyed several evening swims at the beach.  These evenings often turned into impromptu photo shoots!  I took some maternity photos of Rachel and Marty one night – stay tuned for the next post for those pics!

Rach and Marty

Mom and Dad

Matt and Amanda

Our growing family!

the water is COLD, mama!

Grandma and Grandpa!!!!!!
photo by Rob

jumping logs
photo by Rob 

We witnessed some gorgeous sunsets while we were camping.  God has created such a beautiful and fascinating world for us to enjoy!

Other highlights of our week included campfires, lots of yummy food, and time spent relaxing with the family.  We really enjoyed our vacation this year!  If you have made it this far, CONGRATULATIONS – and thanks for looking!  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

2 thoughts on “Breimer family camping 2008

  1. Love the pictures Karen!

    I can’t believe you are preggers with your third! My sister in law just purchased some bum genius cloth diapers and she loves them. Just thought I would say that because you are always up on the know about that stuff.

    How are you anyway?

  2. Hey, Ren!

    Thanks! I love taking pictures!

    Your sister-in-law just bought some awesome diapers – I love bumGenius! They are our favourites around here!

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