update on me!

I apologize for leaving you hanging for so long, but I have been extremely tired this week!

My surgery went well on Wednesday.  The procedure itself took only about half an hour, and my OB said that it went perfectly.  So that’s good!  I had a bit of a reaction to the spinal, though, so I was incredibly itchy on my chest and arms for a while after the surgery – until they gave me some benadryl in my IV and I had a nice sleep!  When I woke up from that they told me that once I could walk/support my weight and use the washroom, I could go home!  So we ended up leaving the hospital at around 7:30 in the evening.  Rob stayed with me the entire time (except during the surgery), which was really nice.

As things stand right now, I am trying not to go overboard with any activities until I talk to my OB again next week.  I will also have another ultrasound that week, so we will be able to see if any more cervical changes have taken place.

I have two utrasound pics to share from my scan last Friday – the ultrasound that started this whole ordeal – but I haven’t had a chance to transfer them to the computer yet.  I will get to that soon!

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