update on Little One

I am happy to report that this pregnancy seems to be going quite smoothly.  We are thankful to those who have been praying for us and for our unborn child.  At this point in my pregnancy with Asher, I was already having a fair amount of pain and was experiencing Braxton-Hicks contractions.  There has been nothing like that this time around!

This week was filled wonderful milestones.  Along with Asher taking his first steps on Tuesday, I felt Little One kick for the first time on Monday, July 29.  I have been wondering if I have felt movement for the past week or two, but Monday was the first time that I definitely felt something.  And this little baby has been making his or her presence known to me every night since then!  What a wonderful blessing; feeling the baby kick is always one of my favourite experiences during pregnancy.

17 week belly.
I am definitely showing earlier than I did with the boys. 

7 thoughts on “update on Little One

  1. awe… cute prego belly 🙂 – I love your shots! Who took this one? Did you get Rob to take it, or did you set up the camera yourself? Looks great! Can’t wait till the little one gets a bit bigger yet! 🙂

  2. Hooray! Love the picture – if only my preggo belly looked that cute… maybe I would’ve had the courage to lift my shirt for a couple pics:) Ah well, enjoy it! You look fabulous!!

  3. thanks! I love baby bellies – and I’m sure yours was beautiful, too, Amy!
    Rach, I took the photo myself with a tripod and the timer setting.

  4. ahh … I used my 50 mm lens, and was close enough that I could be in basically the position to focus, lean over to press the trigger, and then get myself into position for the shot!

    I shot in aperture priority.
    f-stop: F2.5
    shutter speed: 1/60

  5. Karen,

    You take such awesome pics! I wish I had the talent! I hope the baby and you are doing well!

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