one step at a time

Asher took steps today! Three separate times, he took just one step and then dropped down to crawling again. But, it is progress! The motivation, all three times? Daddy!

I took Asher to a Growth & Development appointment today, and the doctor didn’t seem too concerned. Unfortunately, Asher was grumpy – it was naptime – and wouldn’t stand for the doctor. But after seeing him crawl and pull to standing with my support, she said that while it was quite late for him to walk, all of his movement looks great and it will probably be just a matter of time before he decides to walk. She said that it will probably happen within the month. If he is not walking in six weeks, we will pursue physiotherapy to get things moving. I personally think that it will be less than a month. On Sunday, my dad predicted that he would walk within the week. He may not be far off with that guess… especially since Asher actually took some steps today! I think he just needs to build a little more confidence! I am so excited for my little man!

5 thoughts on “one step at a time

  1. he stepped??!! No way! Obviously this happened after I left? Yay for Asher!

  2. Yay, Asher! And just when you guys were really starting to get worried about it. Good boy, way to relieve your mother’s anxiety:)

  3. Way to go Asher! Soon you will be chasing him around Karen!

  4. That’s so good to hear. I know that you have probably tried this already, but I found it helped give Alora more confidence by putting on sturdy shoes like Weebox or “walking shoes”. It just gave her more support for the first few days and then I also encouraged barefeet! Anyway, hope that he continues with great progress. Don’t get discouraged Karen, he will get there!=)

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