getting there

Since I posted yesterday, Asher has suddenly taken leaps and bounds with his standing alone. He is getting so close to walking. He is standing alone for 30 seconds, 1 minute, even 2 minutes at a time. He is starting to practice crouching down and then standing up again – and getting pretty good at it! It is so nice to see…and I can’t believe how excited I am! Most of my family was over at our house yesterday while the guys were working on the patio, and Asher was standing on alone on the deck and started clapping his hands because he was just so proud of himself as we cheered him on. (I’m sad you guys missed it, Matt and Amanda! I can’t wait until you guys can see him standing – and maybe walking! – next weekend.) He looks like he wants to take a step, but can’t figure out the balance thing yet. I don’t think it will be long, though, because he barely hangs on while holding our hands these days. Let’s hope this boy will be walking soon! I will be one excited mama when it finally happens!

clapping for himself on Sunday morning

4 thoughts on “getting there

  1. he looks so pleased with himself! Keep up the great work’ll be walking in no time and then your mommy will be like “where are you going little man?! Come back here!”
    How is the pregnancy going for you? Any new news?

  2. I can not wait to see Asher walking around. Let’s hope that this weekend I will be able to see Asher take a few steps. So exciting! Adorable pictures Karen!

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