Unfortunately, I have no picture to accompany this post!  

I took the boys to the library for story time this morning, and then on the way home, we had to stop at Fortino’s for a couple of groceries.  As we headed into the store, I could tell that it was going to rain pretty soon.  Sure enough, as we came out, it was pouring (once again)!  We quickly dashed to the van (thank goodness for mommy parking spaces located right by the entrance), and I opened up the lift gate.  Instead of taking Judah and Asher around to the side doors, I stuck them both in the van through the back.  We have one of the back seats down for when we need to pack the stroller, so it is easy access to the middle seats from there.  I threw in my grocery bags, quickly put the cart away, hopped in the van behind the boys, and closed the lift gate behind me!  Then we enjoyed a picnic “lunch” (don’t worry, we ate some healthier food when we got home!) of potato wedges (I may be slightly addicted to them!) and green grapes.  What a fun memory!

I can’t get over how much rain we have had lately!  It is not cooperating with Rob’s backyard renovation efforts – our patio is still just a stack of stones.  But if you’re looking for a place to swim, we’ve got a decent-sized lake in our backyard now.

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