is it just me?

…or is this summer flying by really quickly?

I can hardly believe that it is already the middle of July! We are still enjoying the beautiful weather. The boys and I love to sit and have our afternoon snack on the front patio, enjoying the warmth of the summer sun.

I am super excited because Rob has started to do some work in our backyard – fixing/expanding the patio and making some changes to the deck. This is something I have been wanting for a while now, and I think it will look great when it is finished! We are thankful to my parents and Matt for helping him out with the job. I told Rob that we will have to have a barbeque or party of some sort at our place when the job is complete, to show off their hard work!

I saw our baby today! I have ultrasounds scheduled every 3 -4 weeks until at least November, and today was the first in that series. Little One is measuring on target (around 14 – 15 weeks), and everything else seems okay. If there is anything to be concerned about, my OB will let me know at my appointment week. But I’m not expecting that!

I’ll sign off with a picture of our Little One:


3 thoughts on “is it just me?

  1. oh i’m so glad i can get on your blog now! i do agree that summer is going by so quickly! hey, are you guys available on fridays? i finish work early and thought we could drop by or maybe come in the morning if i take the day off! let me know if that would work good for you ! I deleted my blog cuz there wasn’t much action and i kept getting junk comments so i hope to start it up soon again – but facebook is keeping me busy for now! those are awesome pics for julie and ed!
    chat soon!

  2. Glad all is going well with the baby:) I personally don’t find summer is going by too fast, but I know Kevin feels that way for sure. Only 7 more weeks until he has to hit the books again!

    Did you get my e-mail about Monday? TTYS:)

  3. hey there
    other than feeling large…i’m pretty cool. Girls are keeping me busy and Derrick’s b-day is tomorrow, so i still have to run around and pick up a couple of things for him to surprise him!:) How are you feeling? Are you getting fat yet? Please tell me you are getting fat!:) hahaha With Judah and Asher you didn’t really show too much, but you are taller than me so you can grow up, and all I can grow is out! How are you handling the heat?

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