I love my Judah

Yesterday was a rough day with Judah; probably one of the most challenging days I have ever had with him.  From the moment he woke up, he was acting defiant and arguing with me about anything and everything.  Many prayers – “Dear God, please show me how to deal with him!” and “Please help me to be patient!!!!” – were urgently whispered, and oh, how the tears flowed (both Judah and I)!

But before this awful day happened, I had planned on bragging about my little man, and I am not going to change that based on one bad day!  I know that it is not his true personality; it’s just hard being three!

I want to share with you about the Judah that I know and love…

Judah is such a sweet and caring little boy.  He loves his family so much and always lets us know it by sharing great hugs and kisses.  As long as Asher isn’t stealing his toys, Judah is so good to his little brother.  He includes Asher in his imaginative games – to Asher’s displeasure, much of the time! – and lets me know how he thinks Asher is feeling throughout the day: “Maybe Asher wants to go to bed, mommy!” or “Maybe Asher isn’t feeling well.  You should take his temperature.”  He’s going to make a great daddy one day!

Judah is also a great little helper to me.  Almost every morning, he helps me unload the dishwasher without complaining.  He is also starting to remember to bring his dirty dishes to the sink or counter after a meal.  If I need a diaper for Asher, Judah will go get one for me.  Most of the time, he patiently allows me to attend to Asher first.

Judah is curious and intelligent.  Since Judah was born, I have teased Rob about the looming “WHY?” stage.  Well, the “Why?” stage is here in full force, and we are enjoying it more than we ever thought we would!  Judah wants to – no, has to – know about the world around him.  Since there have been so many thunderstorms lately, he has been asking about that.  So we went to the library and picked up several children’s books about thunderstorms and clouds.  Maybe some of it is over his head, but he is genuinely interested in learning about storms.  He asks me to read one book in particular every night!

Judah’s best quality is one that comes straight from his name, which means “praise.”  Judah loves to sing and praise God.  Throughout the day, he will often burst into whatever song comes to mind.  At bedtime, he asks us to sing hymns and contemporary worship songs.  He will often sing himself to sleep with these songs.

So, while today was not a perfect day, either, (a) it was about a million times better than yesterday, and (b) I choose to reflect upon the Judah I just told you about.  This is the true Judah; everything else is just the result of a typical 3-year-old testing limits and learning about life.  I hope that keeping that in perspective will help me deal with the bad days that are sure to come in the future.  I am so thankful to be under God’s grace, and pray that I can demonstrate true love and grace to my children.

acting silly with Mommy

curious about a caterpillar that we found on a family walk.
“Remember that caterpillars turn into butterflies, mommy?  Remember that?”

great balance!

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  1. Judah certainly does sound like a wonderful little boy:) Good for you for looking past the crappy everyday stuff and looking at the big picture! Us stay-at-home moms have to remember to do that everyday:) Great pics, too. Love the one with socks on his ears:)

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