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I was planning on posting today about the words that Asher has been saying this week, and noticed that Jen also wrote a post about Alora’s words at 14 months.  I just love this age, when toddlers’ language is developing and their personalities come out!  Jen, I find it funny that both of our babies like the word “me/mine!”

Asher just started saying “uh oh” this week.  But instead of pronouncing “uh – oh” as I say it, he says “uuhhhhohh” in a smooth, singsongy-voice.  Funny!  He has also started saying “bubuh” for “bubbles,” “Gama” for “Grandma,” and “Judah” more frequently.

One thought on “Words of the Week

  1. In reference to the word “me” it’s as if they know they are going to be middle children and nothing will ever belong to just them!:)
    Looking forward to a fun filled day on Sat. Can’t wait to see you guys. If you could, bring some foldy lawn chairs if you have them and pray for nice weather! Thanks

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