is anyone reading?

Here I am, finally blogging again, and I’m not sure if anyone is reading!  So, please, if you are reading, send me some love (in the form of comments)!

It has been a busy couple of weeks around here.  Rob’s Opa Heemskerk passed away the week before last, and we had the funeral and visitation last week.  Then we traveled to Ottawa this past weekend for my cousin Brent’s wedding.  It was a great wedding, but driving to Ottawa and back in one short weekend is exhausting (to say the very least!) with two small children!  Asher did not sleep well our first night home, so last night I was just so tired.  I went to bed with the boys at 8:00 last night, and slept until 8:30 this morning!  Ahh, just what I needed!

The boys and I are about to head off to the park right now, but I will post a little more later on today.  I have something to share!

3 thoughts on “is anyone reading?

  1. SO exciting to be having a baby at the same time as you guys!
    I’ve congratulated Rob, but haven’t seen/talked to you yet, so CONGRATS!!!! Very very cool. Our prayers are with you guys as we hope and pray this little dude/ette STAYS in there MUCH longer than his/her big brother! :0)
    Are you showing at all yet? I’m having a hard time fitting into stuff and am ‘showing’ WAAAY earlier than I was with the girls. I guess thats what happens when everything it pre-stretched. :0)
    Anyway, see you soon,
    love, Andrea

  2. hey, can;t wait to meet up with you again! i have short days on friday and wednesday so maybe we can come over in the afternoon after nap time for a bit ! anyways, great blog – i wish i knew how to do all this stuff and the patience for it too!!! lol take care – i’m so jealous that your kids sleep til 8:30 in the morning! =) i hope ethan can do that soon! oh well, have a great day ! i started a new blog – – i think!

  3. Great site, Karen! Beautiful pictures of handsome young sons! We hope all goes well with the little one you are expecting.
    Love, Auntie Ellen

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