an addition

We recently decided that our home needed an addition.  We are very excited to tell you that it is already in the works, and should be complete by the end of this year!

We are expanding our home by two feet!

Hee hee!  I know that some of you know already; I had to think of a clever way to announce it to the rest of you, though!

I am currently 10 1/2 weeks; my due date is January 10.  I will be scheduled for a c-section (due to a vertical cut during my last caesarean) at around 37 weeks, which brings us to just before Christmas.  What a wonderful Christmas present that will be!

We are really praying that this baby stays put longer than Asher did!  I have a good feeling about it.  We can already feel the prayers of family and friends who have learned our news.  Please continue to pray!

After several weeks of terrible pregnancy nauseau, I am starting to feel better.  It still affects me when I am tired, so I need to make sure I get my rest.  Other than that, I am feeling great, and feel so blessed to be pregnant again.  God is so good!


6 thoughts on “an addition

  1. Glad that we are having babies at the same time again! I just wish we lived closer so that we could get together more often. Praying that this little one is healthy and comes when it’s supposed to! Stay in there little baby!=)
    My best friend is due on Christmas day so there will be lots for me to celebrate at that time.

  2. Congratulations again! I am so excited for you!

  3. Congrats, guys! Hope all goes well this time!

    Great digi pages, too:) It’s nice to see other people’s creations, too!

    Sorry I haven’t been here – I subscribed to your RSS feed in my google reader, but for some reason that’s not working. I’ll try to visit
    “manually” LOL:)

  4. congratulations! your announcement choice is very clever! it’s funny…i was wondering just the other day if you were going to try for more!

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