Asher’s words

He still doesn’t have a lot of words, but Asher’s language is growing by leaps and bounds these days.  He is doing well!  I thought I would post a list of where he’s at right now so that I can check back over the next few months and see how far he has come.  These are the words that he says on a regular basis.

Mama/Mommy = Mommy
Dada/Daddy = Daddy
aye = Hi
dy-dye = Bye-bye
daydee = baby
doddie = doggy
Diddee = Sandy (my parents’ dog)
ball/ball-ball = ball
go = go
uh = up
fff = woof
me = me (as in “give me!” – terrible!)
mi = mama’s milk
apuh = apple
mu = more
nana = banana
de-de = step step (when practicing walking)
aduh = all done
tata = tata (don’t touch)
dee-duh, dee-duh = twinkle, twinkle
ha-yay = hooray
boo = boo (peek-a-boo)
whee = whee
whoa = whoa
kickuh = tickle 

He also says variations of Grandma, Grandpa, and Judah, but not on a consistent basis.  He has also occasionally said car, cup, and some random animals (cow, kitty, sheep) and their respective sounds.  I’m sure there are a few words that I’m not thinking of, too.

Looking at this list now, I think he’s doing pretty awesome!  Great job, Asher!

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