rough life

We arrived at the park this morning, and, as usual, Judah asked to eat his snack right away. As usual, I told him to go play on the playground for a little while before snacktime. “But Mommy, I ... Read More

I love my Judah

Yesterday was a rough day with Judah; probably one of the most challenging days I have ever had with him.  From the moment he woke up, he was acting defiant and arguing with me about anything and eve... Read More

Words of the Week

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I was planning on posting today about the words that Asher has been saying this week, and noticed that Jen also wrote a post about Alora’s words at 14 months.  I just love this age, when toddle... Read More


We heard an amazing message at church yesterday, all about the Supremacy of Christ.  I think that this is just awesome, so I had to share.  Please take note of the words I have italicized in the f... Read More

new photos

I have added new photos to the May 2008 album.  I’m getting there for years 2005 through 2007!  Hopefully it won’t take me too much longer to finish up! How are the photo pages working f... Read More