Who else is hooked on this show? What did you think of tonight’s finale?

If you are planning on watching but haven’t seen it yet, don’t read on! =)

Were you expecting it to be John in the coffin? I don’t remember what tipped me off, but about halfway through, I became fairly certain that it was going to be him. How do you think he died? For that matter, how did he get off the Island? How long has he been off the Island? There are so many gaps to fill in!

Speaking of the Island, wasn’t that just mind-blowing when it moved?! Where was it that Ben went to move it?

I am so happy that Desmond and Penny found each other! That was an amazing scene, too!

The scene with Jin on the freighter was sooo sad! I was holding hope that he wasn’t really dead, but obviously that is no longer feasible.

A few things that I have been wondering about:
* What is up with Richard Alpert?
* Similarly, how could the childhood John, whom Richard visited, have drawn a picture of the smoke monster? Is the adult John existing in the child John’s body? (a la 2004 Desmond’s “consciousness” in 1996 Desmond’s body?) As I was typing that, I just had a thought. If this “consciousness time travel” is the case, perhaps Richard is John’s constant? And maybe that’s why he dies; because when he leaves the Island, his constant is no longer around to keep him alive?
* What is up with Claire? Is she alive? I’m leaning toward no… Kinda sad, though. If she is dead, I wonder how she died…
* Speaking of dead people, how does Hurley see Charlie and other dead people? I can’t wrap my mind around this one at all…

3 thoughts on “LOST

  1. Hey Karen,

    Derrick and I saw the season finale and overall thought it was a great way to end the season. I did not like the scene where Gin made it up the helicopter as it was taking off! The think that he was right there if they had only waited a few more seconds…so sad.
    I often thought that Jack has to have a constant too…and what do you think Sawyer whispered into Kate’s ear? That’s got me really curious since it started a spat between Jack and Kate.
    Overall a good ending although I thought it could’ve been alittle more direct in answering why they are all upset that John Locke is dead and now Hurley can come out of hiding.

    Not quite sure what to think about Sun hooking up with Whitmore..but we will see how it plays out.

    As for your blog, I am so glad that you have started blogging again and that I am among the elite to read it!:) However, I have to enter the password like 4 times before viewing your blog. Is there anyway for you to make it so I only have to do it once?? It’s a little excessive with the security!:)

    Love seeing your beautiful boys…they are getting so big. Can’t wait to hopefully see them in a few weeks.


  2. Hey Karen,

    Barb and I watched the final episode as well. Sad situation with Jin dying the way he did. I kind of expected it, given there were no flash forwards with him present. The dead John Locke at the end freaked me out. How the heck are they going to go back to an island that has moved (which was a little far fetched). The whole idea of Ben going into this mystic ice & snow cavern to move an island by way of a turning a wheel was a little much (don’t you think)?
    Why was Kate talking with Sawyer in a previous episode when Kate and Jack were together? How did he get off the island to make the call given he was left behind on it? The show was quite creative and Barb and I were glued to it the whole time trying to make heads and tails as to what was happening. We’re looking forward to the next season! 🙂


  3. i’ve never watched lost, but have recently wanted to. so, i just ‘reserved’ the first 3 seasons at the library. i’m number 382 in line for season 3….i’ll let you know when i’m caught up and then i’ll come back and read this post!

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