welcome to our shiny new blog!

We’re so happy you found us!

We finally made the switch from blogger to our own domain.  I am no longer comfortable posting pictures of my children, along with their names and birthdates, for the whole world to see.

I also like that I’m not limited in customization of this site.  Fun times for a computer junkie like me!  =)

6 thoughts on “welcome to our shiny new blog!

  1. Hey Kare…I like your new blog! For some reason I can’t get the rolling archives thing to work on mine. It doesn’t even show the “<<Older” thing at the top, and I don’t know why.

  2. Nevermind…I figured it out. I just didn’t have enough posts and so all my posts were displayed on the current page.

  3. thanks, matt! i’ve finally found a photo album that i think i’m happy with – check out my “photos” page. it is the “falbum” plugin. what is the name of the one you used?

    i really liked slickr, too. it has a really nice lightbox gallery (like the fotobook gallery – also nice). but then you can’t download the photos or comment on them at all.

  4. hmm…i guess you can’t comment with falbum, but people can always comment on my flickr if they must. it will keep the page cleaner, anyway. i wanted a gallery that would move to the next image just by clicking (ala facebook).

  5. Hi Karen and the rest of the Ennema fam!
    I think this new site is really neat…Glad you found something that you love! =-) Thanks for letting us tag along…

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