4 thoughts on “yikes!

  1. hahah ! that’s a classic shot! Asher looks like he is having a blast though…even though it freaks mommy out. Derrick does the same thing with Rachel and Alora and i’m always like “stop stop stop Derrick!” But the girls enjoy it and nothing is better than hearing them laugh.
    How are your boys doing these days?

  2. oh, i don’t let justin do that…i don’t have the nerves for it. my stomach did a flip just looking at pictures of it with your baby!

  3. Me too! I have been there when Rob does this….it is very scary! Kare you are brave! 🙂

  4. You guys need to make sure that one of the kids doesn’t climb on that shelf and pull it over, it looks tippy.
    Cute kids!!

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