who are those cute children? is Karen actually blogging again?

well, i may not be blogging much – it’s nearly midnight! – but at least i’m blogging. (blogging with pictures – that’s got to count for something, right?) i’ve figured out the problem: i keep trying to update the blog, but because i’m so far behind, the posts take so long to do that i get distracted/busy or fall asleep. so now, i am posting a few pictures. i will try to post a few more pictures in the next day or two, to get back into the habit. and i will update, slowly, as i go along. so check back in for more pictures, soon, and don’t forget to scroll down to see updates and stories about what the Ennema family has been up to recently.

One thought on “hello!

  1. Yay! Welcome back, Karen and family:) Love all the new pics on Flickr too!

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